The Benefits of Saltwater Rinses

April 30, 2021

You may remember being told to do a saltwater rinse when you were younger every time you lost a baby tooth. The rinses helped with the swelling, reduced any pain you had, and healed the area quicker. The thing you maybe didn’t realize as you got older was that continuing saltwater rinses is a good practice. It actually can do a lot more than just soothing baby tooth pain.

The Benefits of Saltwater Rinses

  1. Women rinsing mouth with Salt WaterSaltwater rinses help fight bacteria. Sickness and bacteria come as a package deal, and using a salt rinse makes it harder for the bacteria in your mouth to grow spores and thrive. These bacterial sores can lead to sickness and a sore throat.
  2. Saltwater rinses help fight bad breath. If you are sensitive to traditional alcohol-based mouthwashes, saltwater rinses are a great alternative for natural and cheap fresh breath.
  3. The bacteria in saltwater rinses can help prevent gingivitis. It helps break down particles and food in between your teeth that can lead to gingivitis. 
  4. Saltwater rinses are cost-effective. Salt is one of the cheapest ingredients you can find at the store, which makes adding this multi-use product into your routine an easy step.

See Your Dentist

Saltwater rinses have multiple benefits, and you should try incorporating them into your daily routine! To keep your smile healthy and strong, continue visiting your local dentist. 38th Modern Dental is currently accepting new patients and is following COVID guidelines to keep their staff and patients safe. Contact us today to make an appointment.