How to Remove Tartar From Your Teeth

December 15, 2017

Girl getting a dental checkupWe all know that plaque is not a good thing for your teeth. This colorless, sticky substance coats your chompers in a bacteria-feeding glaze that gives off an acid that is damaging to your teeth.

If this isn’t enough to send you running for your toothbrush and floss, if you don’t get rid of the plaque fast, it can harden into a brown or yellow coating that doesn’t just look unattractive, but irritates your gums.

This hard coating is called tartar or calculus. Don’t worry if you have this on your teeth, most of us do. So what can you do about it? 38th Modern Dental has your answers.

How to Remove Tartar

Unfortunately, only a dental professional can remove tartar. They do this using a process called scaling where they use a special instrument to scrape tartar off of your teeth.

Though you may have seen similar tools for sale online or in drugstores, please don’t attempt to scale your own teeth at home. Only a trained professional can perform this procedure without risking serious damage to gum tissue and enamel.

How to Prevent Tartar

Since you won’t be able to remove tartar on your own, the best thing you can do is prevent calculus buildup between dentist visits.

Since the first step to tartar buildup is plaque accumulation, the best thing you can do is prevent plaque from forming.

Here are the best ways to prevent plaque buildup:Floss daily. This will cut down on plaque buildup along your gum-line and between your teeth, where 40% of your teeth’s surfaces are located. Not bad for a piece of string!

Brush twice a day for sessions lasting at least two minutes. Don’t ignore that two minute time period! That will give the fluoride in your toothpaste enough time to nourish your teeth. Try setting your kitchen or cell phone timer to make sure you’re on track.

Visit your dentist. Your twice yearly dental cleanings will cut down on the inevitable tartar buildup on your teeth. Once a year, your dentist will take x-rays, which will uncover any issues lurking under what the naked eye can see.

Cut the sweets. Indulging in high-carb and sugary foods is a difficult habit to kick, but doing so will cut down on the amount of bacteria-feeding substances your teeth are exposed to.