Holiday Foods to Avoid This Season

December 19, 2018

We all have a lot to look forward to around the holiday season, ‘tis the season to indulge in delicious holiday favorites! But let’s not forget to give our teeth some love, especially when we consider going for that extra cup of hot cocoa!

In order to keep your teeth happy, we have compiled a list of traditional holiday foods you may want to limit this season, as well as a few healthy alternatives. Let’s take a look!

Foods to Limit at Holiday Parties

Candy canes on white backgroundCandy Canes: This sugary treat may make your mouth smell minty fresh, but that sticky mess can damage your teeth and latch on and around your pearly whites.

Eggnog: There is nothing like a rich, delicious beverage on a cold winter’s eve; unfortunately, this concoction of alcohol, cream, and sugar isn’t doing any favors for your oral hygiene. Not only will the sugar increase your chances of decay, the alcohol will dehydrate your salivary glands.

Our mouths work the best when our salivary glands are producing ample amounts of saliva to rinse our teeth. Take away your glands function, and you are asking for a feeding frenzy of oral bacteria.

Caramel: Imagine finding a sticky, used lollipop under your couch cushion—that piece of candy would carry a ton of debris! Caramel has a similar effect on your teeth. This gooey, sugary snack attaches to your teeth enabling bacteria to hold on for dear life.

Carbonated Drinks: Bubbly drinks around the holidays are aplenty, but that extra carbon dioxide reacts with your teeth in a less than favorable way. As you ingest carbon dioxide from champagne and soda, acid is produced within your saliva that can damage the enamel on your teeth.

We Recommend These Holiday Treats

cheese plateCheese: Cheese has antibacterial properties that can fight bacteria and balance out an acidic mouth. Plus, their high level of calcium will keep your oral health in shape.

Turkey: This protein-packed bird is full of phosphorous which promotes healthy, strong teeth!

Veggies: We recommend several servings every day, no matter the time of year! However, vegetables are particularly great at rinsing your mouth after a sugary snack. Veggies are usually crunchy and offer a great deal of water, which keeps your mouth germ free.

Nuts: Don’t feel bad if you go in for a helping of nutrient-rich nuts. Nuts provide calcium, which is a necessity for ridding plaque from your teeth as you chew.

We Wish You a Happy, Healthy Holiday

We hope this list helped you determine how you will be enjoying this holiday season with loved ones. No need to rid yourself of traditional treats, just make sure to follow up with a toothbrush 30 minutes after consumption. Happy Holidays!